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Latham Interiors specialise in Georgian interior design and always have done. In fact, we’re the only interior design company that does specialise in Georgian and Regency interior design.

Monday, 22 May 2017

In conversation with Turnpost – four poster bed specialists

Bedrooms in Georgian properties are sanctuaries and places to unwind, rest and sleep.  The design of the bedstead, therefore, needs to suit the style and size of the bedroom, especially when it comes to Georgian or period properties. So, what does make the best Georgian bed?

About two years ago I came across TurnPost, specialists in bespoke four-poster beds. The company was established in 2013 with a desire to create bespoke handcrafted beds made in England.

Helmsley bed

I have been really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of their beds that I have since sourced for Latham Interiors clients.  I recently caught up with the founder of the company, Vanessa Rhodes.

Can you give us a quick overview?

At TurnPost we specialise in four-poster beds and pride ourselves on quality and individuality. We work closely with our customers and often help them to design the perfect bed for their bedroom.

Where does your inspiration come from for your bed designs?

We take inspiration for everything around us, from traditionally turned furniture to delicate architectural details. We like to add our own modern twist to create beds, which work well in both period and more contemporary properties.

York four poster bed

How do you construct your beds and what elements of the process are handmade versus automated?

All of our beds are handcrafted here in Yorkshire using FSE certified solid ash. None of the process is automated as each bed we create is often bespoke and made to a client’s exact specification. The posts are hand turned on a lathe using traditional tools and methods and are then hand finished to the customer’s requirements.

How much can you adapt your range to create bespoke elements and finishes?

We can make small changes to our standard bed designs such as lowering the posts or interchanging different headboard designs with different post styles to create a truly unique bed. We also work very closely with interior designers to create complete one of pieces, which often incorporate upholstery on the headboard and drapes around the bed itself.

What bed styles suit a Georgian property?

A four-poster bed is a perfect choice for a Georgian property as it adds all the drama and elegance of the era. You can choose to use them without drapes or to add your own style with an endless choice of fabrics and trims.

Kingston four poster bed

Which TurnPost’s designs capture traditional Georgian style and why?

Our Kingston bed has recently been used in one of Sarah’s Georgian interior design projects as its captures the quiet elegance of the Georgian era.

What tips do you have on dressing a bed?

Sometimes dressing a bed can depend on the style of bed itself or how you want your finished bedroom to feel. For a bed like the Kingston, we think it looks beautiful without any dressing as the posts do all the talking! For a simpler bed such as our York design, a cosy, woollen throw and some colourful cushions would bring more dimensions and texture to the room.

What mattresses do you advise people buy for your beds?

We have a fantastic range of mattresses, which we sell alongside our beds that are all handcrafted in England and filled with the finest natural materials. We love traditionally pocket sprung mattresses, but we also sell a range of toppers for the ultimate sleeping experience!


For more information about TurnPost go to http://turnpost.co.uk/


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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sourcing Georgian Glassware – in conversation with antiques specialist Paul Buckley

On Georgian Regency Interiors, I like to share our Georgian interior design tips and advice as well as introduce you to personalities within the industry who also have a passion for the Georgian era. Often it is the little details that really finish off the whole the look. So this week I spoke to Paul Buckley, an antiques dealer and specialist in Georgian glassware, which can be an effective, elegant display tool when placed in a glass fronted cabinet within a Georgian dining or drawing room.

How did you become an antiques dealer specializing in Georgian glassware and what types of glassware do you source? 

Having been a collector of Georgian glassware for over a decade, in 2015 I decided to trade in the corporate world to pursue my passion. I became an antiques dealer to help others discover the beauty and craftsmanship of Georgian glassware. I have built up good inventory of stock, with a strong backup supply chain to provide particular needs for Georgian glassware as they arise. I supply Wine glasses, Gin glasses, Ale glasses, Ale & Wine Rummers and also I specialise in the more sought after Airtwists and Opaque twists for top range Georgian House glassware display purposes.

Where are you based?

I have a permanent space Hemswell Antiques in Lincoln. I also do retail trade at a selection of larger antique fairs and I have a number of private and trade buyers that come to me direct.

What attracts you to Georgian Glassware?

Although some of the glass forms were hand made as long ago as 250 and 300 years ago, the variations allow you to spot the history of each piece, which I find really fascinating.

Every glass is unique in their own nature being handmade, albeit made to certain rules for different forms. Within each piece you can see where the glass maker has left his mark be it in bowl striations, as he takes a breath, or tool marking where he has used his tweezers to create a bowl shape. Or even the movement where the glass can be slightly uneven at one point or another.

Tell me more about the different types of Georgian glassware you work with: 

Georgian glasswareWorking from left to right, this shows: – A drawn trumpet multi-spiral airtwist wine glass, with a conical bowl and folded foot, circa 1750.

A bucket bowl opaque twist wine glass, with a rare single series pair of opaque gauze twists, circa 1760.

A nut moulded large Ogee bowl wine glass, with a double opaque strand twist, surrounded by two 12 ply tapes, circa 1760.


Georgian glassware

A matching set of six Bristol Blue large conical bowl rummers, on blade knop stems and double capstan shoulders, circa 1825.






Georgian glasswareLeft to right: Engraved bucket bowl port or wine glass, engraved with bows and swags, with a ball knop stem, c.1750.

Fern engraved conical bowl wineglass on light stem with ball knops/folded foot, c.1740.

Engraved bucket bowl port or wine glass engraved with bows and swags, with a blade knop stem and folded foot, c.1750.


Left to right, a group of three early Liege wine glasses
A strawberry & rib moulded bowl on an air tear stem, with a conical folded foot, c 1720.

A nut moulded bowl on a wrythen knopped stem, with a conical folded foot, c 1720.

A honeycomb moulded bowl on an air tear stem, with a conical folded foot, c 1720.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Creating interiors for bedrooms in a Georgian house

This week on Georgian Regency Interiors, I want to share my insider tips on Georgian bedroom interior design.

Bedrooms are very personal spaces and most importantly a place of rest away from the stresses of work. The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and Georgian bedrooms tend to be housed in a large space with high ceilings, allowing you the opportunity to have a showstopper and use Georgian bedroom interior design to help that.

Georgian bedroom interior design with And So to BedImage:AndSoToBed

And So To Bed have a fantastic range of classic beds of the highest quality that work very well with Georgian bedroom interior design. We love their Louis XV upholstered bed which gives us the classic style whilst allowing us to choose the upholstery fabric that best goes with the overall bedroom design.  They also have a great selection of bedroom furniture including dressing tables, bedside tables and wardrobes which fit really well into Georgian bedroom interior design.

Turnpost Georgian bedroom interior designImage: Turnpost.co.uk

Turnpost.co.uk do a fantastic twist on a classic four-poster design with their Helmsley Bed. We also use a wonderful company called The Four Poster Bed Company who make bespoke Latham Interiors designs. Other pieces of furniture that work well within a period home include a freestanding armoire wardrobe, a dressing table and a chest of drawers, we recommend Oficina Inglesa who make to order from their catalogue or we can create a tailor-made product for Georgian bedroom interior design.

Image: Latham Interiors Georgian Townhouse Project
Image: Latham Interior’s Show Flat

To dress iconic Georgian sash windows, classic curtains with a luxurious feel look wonderful when made using an embroidered silk fabric with a triple pinch pleat heading giving them maximum fullness. You can either have a simple padded pelmet or a large wooden pole with an elegant finial. Finish with tie backs to ensure you can let in maximum light during the day as well as creating that swept back shape. At Latham Interiors, brands that I recommend best for Georgian bedroom interior design are GP&J Baker, Colefax & Fowler or Zoffany.  For those that like to sleep in total darkness install shutters (if there aren’t any already) as well as interlined black-out curtains.

With large walls to fill, wallpaper adds interest and can also evoke a bygone era. Use Toile de Jouy for a very traditional feel or a Chinoiserie style for something that will really lift the feel of a room, De Gournay have a wonderful selection.

DeGournay for Georgian bedroom interior designImage: De Gournay

In a bedroom it is best to have soft lighting that is restful and creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.  We would advise a central pendant rather than recessed spot lights, then layer with wall or bedside table lights or wall lights and reading lights for clients who like their books. Make sure all lights are dimmable to be able to create a soft and even romantic ambience. At Latham Interiors we love chandeliers and wall lights from Brabin & Fitz and Villaverde.

Images: Pooky

Pooky have some lovely wooden lamps in interesting colours for a twist on the traditional and Heathfield & Co have some more modern options. Make sure you can switch them all off at the wall when you get into bed. Beautiful brass luxury switches and sockets with USB chargers add to the whole look rather than distracting from it, we work with one of the UK’s leading suppliers Wandworth, whose electrical accessories can also be found in Kensington Palace and Kit Kemp’s Ham Yard Hotel.








Images: Heathfield & Co

One of my top tips for lighting in Georgian bedroom interior design is to have bedside and table lamps on a 5amp circuit so you can switch them all off by the door as you leave. Think about incorporating light switches (and sockets with USB chargers built in) by the bed too so that you can switch different lights on and off from the comfort of your bed. Once you’ve experienced this you will never want to go back to flailing around for the switch along the flex on your bedside lamp or having to hop out of your warm bed to switch the main light off.

Image: Wandworth Electrical at Ham Yard Hotel

With Georgian bedroom interior design wooden floors with a large scale rug creates a timeles look whilst also ensuring a warm experience underfoot. We use West Sussex Antique Flooring Company for an authentic and beautifully finished floor and Cheville Parquet whose floors come pre-finished in 4 chevron planks and just require clicking together. For rugs we use a variety of sources but have always found that Rugmart.co.uk can source great options.

Image: West Sussex Antique Flooring Company

Accessories are key to bringing the whole look together, cushions and throws make a bed look inviting and sumptuous, they are also practical. We tend to get most of ours made bespoke for clients, however you can get a superb range at all major high street and luxury interiors brands such as Oka and Amara.com, Designers Guild, LuxDeco.com and Josephine Home.  If space allows have a storage ottoman at the bottom of the bed to put them in when they are not required.








Image: OKA

If you are designing a guest Georgian bedroom you can be more adventurous than you might be with your own, as guests don’t have to live with the décor day in day out. Fabric and wallpaper brands such as GP&J Baker, Colefax and Fowler and Cole & Son will give you plenty of options for fabric and wallpapers. Upholstered headboards create the feeling that you are in a luxury hotel room and as most guests stay for just 1-2 nights and don’t get around to unpacking, provide them with a luggage rack so that they can comfortably live out of a suitcase.



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Monday, 27 March 2017


Last week I attended Chelsea Design week, one of my favourite interiors events of the year. Over 120 showrooms housing over 600 luxury interiors brands in Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre domes opened their doors to unveil new collections as well as showcase their existing collections. Here is my round up of the top brands that stood out for Georgian and Regency Interiors.

Cole & Son Wallpapers

African influences were seen in many showrooms, as it is a key interiors trend for 2017. A brand that stood out for me by capturing the essence of this was Cole & Son’s new Ardmore Collection of wallpapers and borders, which were unveiled last week. It was created in collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art. The quirky collection features exotic flora and majestic fauna: from rare birds to big cats, elephants, rhinos and mischievous monkeys; as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and woven basket ware. What I found most interesting, from a Georgian styling perspective, was the way the collection had been put together to enable the layering of borders and patterns to create a new take on panelling, dado rails and borders. Where a period property might once have had dado height panelling it offers a great way to eye-catchingly re-instate these proportions. For a Georgian property I would use the Matrinah and Ardmore Cameos designs, which have a more classic feel to them, in a powder room or cloakroom to add interest. The Savuti print could be used as a modern day chinoiserie in a guest bedroom and Narina has an Art Deco feel that could work beautifully in a dressing room or cloakroom.









GP& J Baker

There is a real grandeur with GP & J Baker’s collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces. The Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kensington Palace, has provided a wealth of inspiration for this very special collection. My favourite design is the Palace Maps, which would work very well within a Georgian cloakroom or study.

Mulberry Home

At Mulberry Home (a brand that is also a part of the GP & J Baker group) I loved the “Bohemian Travels” which is a tribute to the discerning traveller/collector; this collection brings together exciting, inspirational designs, exotic textures and palette of radiant contrasting colours. This collection is fantastic for adding topographical detail to a study or used on a chair or as a cloakroom blind. It gives a ‘nod’ to the practice undertaken by gentlemen and scholars of the Georgian period to take the Grand Tour.

Black Edition

At Room’s Black Edition I loved the velvet fabric offerings, in particular the Erbusco fabric, a textural velvet which features an elegant damask and would look amazing on cushions or even as a bedspread due to its heavier weight. For printed velvet that encapsulates a rich but faded glory use Maroque Cinnabar as the intricate layers and elaborate detailing would work well on an old wing chair.


At fabric and wall coverings brand Zoffany, I spotted the Elswick Paisley print which takes inspiration from antique paisley rugs and would be simply stunning for a Gentleman’s study or feature wall. Guinea and Icarus Zoffany prints are perfect for a Georgian Country House where hunting, shooting and fishing pursuits are a main-stay. Guinea features the fine detail of delicate in a beautiful textural effect and Icarus features the artwork of hand layered pheasant feathers.

Another highlight by Zoffany is the Kempshott Wall coverings collection. Holkham Bay was originally commissioned as an oil painting and depicts a landscape of vast sands, sultry sky and moody sea on a layer of gold iridescence. It is a piece of art at a fraction of the price of the original. The wallpaper panels are sold on a roll, so you can apply a floor-to-ceiling mural that looks custom-painted or frame it, stand back and admire!

Fromental wallpapers

You just can’t beat their 1787 range for authenticity. It’s all hand painted on a ground of tea-paper. The designs are inspired by originals from the 18th century or as with their China Trade design depict scenes from 18th century life. From their 20th Century range, I adore the contemporary take on chinoiserie shown in their prunus design which is perfect for a bedroom and their Pleasure of Fishes design would work fantastically in a cloakroom.

Chase Erwin

At leading textile brand Chase Erwin there was an elegant new collection of handmade cushions that really caught my eye. What I loved about the new ‘Beau’ cushion collection is the way they have used the fabrics to create them. They have used the edge of the fabric roll, the part called the ‘selvage’ to create the fringe detail that frames a strip of their Mohair velvet running from top to bottom as the center detail. They would work perfectly in both bedrooms and drawing rooms of Georgian Townhouses.

Vaughan Lighting

One of my favourite lighting companies is Vaughan, their range of lights focuses on classic designs and so many of their products are well suited to Georgian properties. I particularly liked the Alabaster Genoa base that we saw, as well as their range of ceramic Chinese inspired blue and white bases.



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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Advice and tips for panelling in period properties

As a specialist in Georgian Interiors, we have had the pleasure of working with some of the UK’s leading craftsmen on design projects for clients of Latham Interiors. One of the areas that we really love working on is panelling in period properties. From Jacobean Oak to painted Georgian, there is no doubt that period panelling is a significant component in giving a Victorian or Georgian house its charm and character.

Three companies that can be found in my little black book for period panelling are Artichoke, Arttus and Hallidays – all of whom have shared examples of their work, insider tips and advice on restoring existing period panelling, painting previously exposed wood panelling and installing new panelling to a historic/period property.


How to restore existing period panelling?

The best approach to maintaining period panelling is to avoid disturbing any sound areas and simply look to restoring or, if needed replace any broken panels and framework first. A professional easily achieves this, as they can match the exact period mouldings and panel profiles. We can also mix up unique stains; waxes and finishing products to colour match the repaired or new wood to existing panelling.


If all the wood panelling simply looks “tired” then a good clean with some methylated spirits, working in the direction of the grain and making sure you get into all the corners and mouldings, will clean the surface dirt and remove off old waxes but still leave the patina and original colour. Simple but effective! HALLIDAYS advise;

  • It is essential to use an expert when it comes to panelling as done incorrectly the modern wood can move in a different way to the existing panelling – leaving you with large gaps, twisted panels and wonky mouldings!
  • Reproduction of architraves, carvings and wooden mouldings will need to be done by hand as modern machines do not have an ‘eye’ for design. The result leaves you with awkward corners where carvings do not meet properly.
  • It is important that the team you use are experienced in matching woods carefully for behavioural characteristics, and are also confident that they can achieve an exact colour and finish match – make sure that you see samples of the finished timber to compare to your own scheme before you start.


Advice for painting previously exposed wood panelling:

Period panelling and carving

An exquisite frieze carved by Hallidays craftsmen

Hallidays advise that it is crucial to research the period of the property carefully to ascertain suitable colours. Whoever you choose to hire should be able to advise you on this, or you can employ a colour specialist such as Edward Bulmer or Patrick Baty. Don’t be afraid of colour! Once you start researching you’ll be astonished at the breadth and depth of colours that have traditionally been used throughout the ages in our homes.


Painted panelling by Hallidays

It is important to make sure you have cleaned and prepared the surface including the mouldings that can easily get gummed up with dirt over the years.

TOP TIP – Often, at Arttus we will paint the panelling but leave the dado rail or a door surround as polished oak, this creates a rich contrast in colour and materials that looks truly stunning.


Period door panelling

Arttus painted panelling and door surround


Guide to installing new panelling to a historic/period property

Hallidays advise that it is crucial that the designer you choose to go with is highly experienced for a list of reasons

  • So they can successfully interpret the right design for the period of the house.
  • They are able to suggest solutions to the seamless integration of modern technologies and conveniences, such as concealed storage, hidden entertainment systems or secret doorways.
  • in scaling and developing the right proportions. Historic properties often have unusually sized doors, windows, chimney breasts that will need to be carefully blended into the design so as not to be noticeable once finished.
  • In selecting the right timber and finish for the period of the house – there is a huge array of possible options, but the authenticity of the finished project will rely on it blending into the fabric of the property.

An essential thing to remember is that if you wish to hang a cherished painting as a focal point above a mantelpiece, then do make sure that the designer knows this. This is so they can size the panels accordingly!

If you want to really make a statement hand carved details can look stunning. Arttus design truly bespoke panelled rooms which are made in Somerset and often incorporate particular carving decoration that is unique to the client.

period panelling and oak

Authentic recreation of 17th Century panelling by Arttus

The key to success with panelling is whether or not you can tell if it has been aged. Authenticity is, and always will be the ultimate goal – if a certain period look is required the panelling should look like it has always been there. Sadly, you cannot buy authenticity in a can. However, Artichoke’s period finishing team have the balance of a good attention to detail, experience and alchemy to create furniture that look truly original. The process implemented by Artichoke often starts by chemically altering the structure of the timber by exposing it to ammonium hydroxide. This reacts with the tannins in the oak to darken it and bring out the grain pattern. Once the base colour has been reached, a variety of materials such as lime and pumice can be introduced, along with rudimentary tools such as chains to dent the surface of the timber

Artichoke craftsmen ageing panels

Finally, for those that cannot install wooden panelling in their property but want to achieve a similar effect, try Shufflebotham’s wide width trompe l’eoil Benjamin XL wallpaper. RRP £138 per panel (2.5m x 1m) – available in 3 colourways (mid grey, light grey and clay) The image shows the mid grey colourway

Trompe L’oeil Wallpaper of period panelling for Georgian interior


For more information about integrating period panelling into your project, give us a call and we’d be happy to help or email sarah@lathaminteriors.co.uk

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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Best bathroom design and suppliers for Georgian houses

Whilst Georgian bathrooms didn’t exist in any form that we understand today. At Latham interiors, we are nevertheless looking to create bathrooms within Georgian properties that sit well within their Georgian architecture as well as meeting with our 21st century expectations of luxurious bathing. For the most part we look to evoke an elegant and classic feel in our bathroom designs.

From a budget perspective we believe that you shouldn’t scrimp on your Georgian bathroom design. If you want your taps and shower to last then it is important that you invest in the best you can afford which will pay dividends in the long run. We use a range of high quality suppliers that offer stylish products that work really well within Georgian and Regency properties.

Here’s my top recommendations, suppliers and tips to help you with Georgian Bathroom design:


Samuel Heath

URL: http://www.samuel-heath.co.uk


Samuel Heath’s taps, showers and accessories including door furniture are a natural fit for Georgian bathroom design. Whilst they have some contemporary ranges their products are in the most part classic in design. We love the quality too. All made from solid brass their products are manufactured from start to finish in their Birmingham factory. The finish achieved is second to none and results from no less than 34 plating and polishing processes per item. They hold large numbers of stock items but can also undertake special commissions and bespoke finishes.


Mandarin Stone

URL: https://www.mandarinstone.com



Although Mandarin Stone was founded by mere chance, it has since developed as one of the UK’s leaders in the natural stone and porcelain industry. At Latham Interiors we love their range of stone bathware as well as their tiles. It means we can co-ordinate a vanity unit top, with a deck mounted stone basin for a really classical look.

Fired Earth

URL: https://www.firedearth.com/bathrooms

Fired Earth have a wonderful range of decorative tiles. Pretty mosaics with a classic feel, tiles that evoke the Victorian era perfect for properties of that age and ceramic tiles that look and, almost, feel like wooden floorboards. It enables us to create a unique Georgian bathroom design for every client. They also have their paint range and a number of sanitaryware and brassware products too.



URL: http://imperialbathroom.com



Imperial Bathrooms offer classically styled British ceramic ware at very reasonable prices. They have a wide range of products and styles, all that will sit well within a Georgian property, and their products come with a lifetime quality guarantee.


Devon & Devon

 URL: http://www.devon-devon.com/en/

Devon & Devon offer a product range across all elements of a bathrooms design. From sanitaryware and brassware to tiling and lighting you can achieve a complete, coordinated bathroom. Their designs are inspired by European traditions and refined American design. Their products are of the highest quality but they come with a price tag to match. Where budget allows we love to work with their elegant products to deliver the most luxurious of Georgian bathroom design.


Water Monopoly

URL: http://www.thewatermonopoly.com

What we love about Water Monopoly is their combination of lovingly restored antique stock and their reproduction design techniques. Antique examples are sourced predominantly in France. The stock, that is constantly changing, includes vintage copper tubs, prized for their original patina, as well as ceramic baths and basins, glamorous tri-fold mirrors, swan-neck taps and canopied shower units.

Sitting side-by-side with the originals are faithful reproductions of fireclay tubs in stone and resin and cast iron baths made from recycled brake discs, all of which are manufactured in the UK. Water Monopoly enable our Georgian bathroom design to have a really authentic feel.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might also recall my reporting of a new trend set about by Water Monopoly at this years Decorex; the revival of the coloured bathroom suite. Click here for more photos



URL: http://www.waterworks.com


A relative newcomer to the UK Waterworks brings a similar offering to Devon & Devon. It hails from the US and has a catalogue that covers the full range of bathroom products. It sits at the highest end of the market and as such we can often only aspire to work with and specify their exquisite products. If your budget can accommodate their prices you will not be disappointed. Their products are not only beautiful to look at but they are superbly made and as a result highly durable.

For more ideas on how Latham Interiors can help you with bathroom designs for your Georgian Home, see our latest case studies

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Spotlight on Artichoke – Bespoke Luxury Kitchens and Interiors

As part of our research into the best Georgian kitchen designs for our clients, we’re just back from visiting the workshop of one of our very talented suppliers Artichoke. They’re a specialist joinery firm supplying kitchens to, amongst others, many Georgian and Regency properties across the country. Working predominantly with elm, oak and pine they produce bespoke kitchens and timeless pieces of joinery and furniture that will last a lifetime.


Artichoke offer a bespoke design service, from concept to fully detailed drawings. Nothing is modular, which allows for a beautiful design delivered with creative excellence and outstanding quality. When designing kitchens in Georgian and Regency properties as we do, this is a huge advantage in terms of quality and flexibility.


Setting Artichoke apart from the high street and even  top end kitchen companies is their kitchen carcasses – made of layered birch ply, a material of great quality that allows screws to properly take hold. This means that hinges stay in place over time and ensures longevity. In comparison to high-street companies who tend to use MDF, a material formed from resin and recycled wood fibres.


Knowledge of material is also crucial, as artisans they believe they have a responsibility, a duty to get everything right for their clients. Due to this, they have created a library of information on resources that they use which we have found very useful in terms of designing and specifying kitchens for our Georgian property interior design projects. The high-quality work at Artichoke is a reflection of their ambition to be the very best at what they do with the team motivated to produce a high level of skill and quality.


The Design Process

All their pieces are assembled with any integrated appliances at the workshop in Somerset with attention given to the way the doors hang and swing. They have panelling detail on the inside of the doors to ensure that the style and the weight are appropriate to achieve the look and the swing required. Perfect for Georgian kitchen designs!


The first stage in the process from raw materials to clean the piece of oak that can be worked on

Georgian kitchen design


Birch ply makes for a better quality carcass


Oak island unit with simple, classic moulding details. This piece is to be painted but Oak is used so that the grain detailing will come through.

Georgian furniture maker


Raised panels are all part of a single piece of wood rather than stuck on.

Quality wood for Georgian kitchen design

The pieces are then taken apart with every shelf and hinge numbered so that re-assembly on site ensures that every hinge goes back exactly as it was in the workshop.

Every drawer is finished by hand

Making kitchens for Georgian houses

The Dovetailed drawers will last a lifetime

Dovetail drawers for Georgian kitchen

All pieces are hand-finished in the workshop and again on site

Bespoke detailing and elegant shapes

Scroll corbels for library joinery


The base of an oak dresser that will become an antique in the future

Artichoke’s objective is to be still maintaining the level of greatness 50 years from now and running sustainably and we have no doubt that they will be doing so.


For more information visit http://www.artichoke-ltd.com or contact us for more information on Georgian kitchen designs


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