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Latham Interiors specialise in Georgian interior design and always have done. In fact, we’re the only interior design company that does specialise in Georgian and Regency interior design.

Monday, 4 September 2017

It’s Voting Time! Georgian Regency Interiors Nominated For Amara Interior Blog Award

After being shortlisted for an Amara Interior Blog Award last year in the ‘Best Interior Designer & Stylist Blog’, we were so delighted to hear that Georgian Regency Interiors has been nominated again this year in the ‘Best Interior Designer’ category and the campaign now is well underway!

The Amara Interior Blog Awards, A.K.A the ‘Oscars’ of the interior blogging world, offer a real stamp of approval and credibility amongst the interior design community. The awards celebrate the talents of the interior design world and there is great emphasis on the integral role that bloggers play in influencing, advising and trend-setting within the community and the public.

I am honoured that Georgian Regency Interiors has been nominated for an award and I would like to thank each and every one of you who nominated us – it really means a great deal to me that my Georgian Interiors tips, tricks and insights are really enjoyable to read (and hopefully helpful!).

It would be greatly appreciated by myself and the team at my interior design practice Etons of Bath if you could go one step further and vote for Georgian Regency Interiors to be shortlisted in our category (Best Interior Designer).

If you would like to vote, please head over to the Interior Blog Awards website, all you have to do is enter your name and email address. Please make sure you do so before the closing date on 15th September.

How The Winners Are Decided

 The expert panel of judges have the final say on the winning blogs and the panel consists of members of leading organisations and established figures within many interior related fields.

The top 5 blogs with the most votes in each category will then be shortlisted, the winners of each category will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on the 25th October 2017, held at London’s new Design Museum on High Street Kensington.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to vote as I really love sharing my knowledge and passion for Georgian interior design with other like-minded people.

Best wishes to you all,


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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Whether you are looking to repair an old rug or source a new rugs for your Georgian home, Sarah Latham from Etons of Bath shares her insider tips and advice. 

When I work on design projects for clients of Etons of Bath, it is often the finishing touches that make all the difference. One of my favourite ways of adding warmth and texture is by adding carpets and rugs as seen in my previous feature on ‘What a difference a rug makes’. Georgian properties with grand rooms and open spaces are greatly complimented by the addition of an antique rug.

The Georgian and Regency period of the 17th Century has often been considered ‘the golden age’ of rug making as they became popular in Britain with the opening up of numerous trade routes throughout Western Europe.

There are rugs from the 17th century that have stood the test of time and are still available today, making them highly sought after collectables. Originating from all over the world including Isfahan in Persia, Transylvania (rugs woven in the Turkish / Ottoman empire) India (weavings of the great Mughal empire) and France.

Nazmiyalan Antique Rug

Over the last few years demand for rugs for Georgian homes has increased, with many being sold under the hammer for large sums at Christies and Sotheby’s. Nazmiyalan Antique Rugs and 1stdibs also have beautiful rugs and tapestries sourced from the 17th century.

Nazmiyalan Antique Rugs

Rugs, like so many things in life, tend to get better with age. Most traditional, Oriental rugs are extremely hard wearing and take generations to show any sign of wear or tear. However, when they do begin to look and feel tired, it’s worth repairing and restoring them properly and professionally.

Inevitably, there are good repairs and bad repairs – opt for a bad repair and it can spell disaster for the rugs’ look, feel and authenticity. So, it’s imperative that you go to a bona fide rug repairer.

I recently spoke with rug repair specialist Paul Fleming, founder of The Oriental Rug Repair Company (ORRC) to find out more about what it takes to repair an Oriental rug.

Impressively the ORRC have repaired everything from fringes, removal of red wine and other stains, bringing back to life the most threadbare of carpets from around the country to keep the memories alive everyday that live within these pieces of history.

How is an Oriental rug repaired? 

“The process begins with a traditional hand wash and moth treatment. We use soft brushed and vegetable shampoos to clean deep into the foundations of the rug where the abrasive silts and muck lie – far out of reach of the conventional domestic vacuum.

Once clean we source and accurately match the wools for colour. Any holes need foundations re-built, resulting in a small hand-loom being built around the hole, creating the warp and weft foundations upon which the new wools can be knotted.

Once complete, the new wools are selected and we re-weave, matching the knot and importantly exactly matching the design (or ‘map’) of the piece. The new wools are knotted carefully, and then shaved down to exactly match the existing piece. Once complete, the rug is hand washed again and left to naturally dry – blending the tones of the wools together.”

What if a Georgian rug is beyond repair? 


Damaged Rug

“An Oriental rug is rarely beyond repair – from frayed fringes to worn out sides, burn marks to massive threadbare areas and holes – everything can be restored if done correctly, using the traditional methods. For example, re-weaving sections of an antique or vintage rug can be a painstakingly detailed process. As you can imagine this is a slow and highly skilled process, attempting to do this yourself is often very obvious and can de-value your rug.”

Repaired Rug

Where to source a new rug for a Georgian home today? 

If you prefer to source new rugs for your Georgian home, then there are different options depending on your personal taste and style.

The Rug Company has a great selection of traditional and more contemporary rugs. They also collaborate with some top name designers, recent collaborations include fashion designers Matthew Williamson and Jonathan Saunders. Contemporary rugs can often work well juxtaposed with the traditional Georgian features.

The Rug Company





Should you be looking for a traditional Oriental rug to complement your classic Georgian interior design, then look no further than The London Persian Rug Company. They have a beautiful collection of Persian rugs, which you can view online or in their London warehouse. They will also let you try the rugs at home before you buy with a handy delivery service straight to your door.



The London Persian Rug Company

Front Rugs offer rugs made from designs and techniques developed by designers Jan Kath, Zoë Luyendijk and Micha

ela Schleypen. Wist offering a fresh perspective on design these works of art blend beautifully into the scale and grandeur of a large Georgian room.

Silk Avenue specialise in hand-knotted and hand-tufted carpets as well as vintage rugs and hides. Each carpet can be customised to a clients taste and need so its possible to achieve a rug of the perfect size, colour and character for the space.



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Monday, 7 August 2017

Latham Interiors and Eton Design join forces to create Etons of Bath

I have some very exciting news to share with you all…to officially announce that as of the 1st August 2017 my interior design company Latham Interiors (the UK’s only Georgian interior design specialists) has merged with Eton Design (a renowned interior design practice based in Bath founded by Peter Higgins) to become Etons of Bath.

Etons of Bath focuses on classically inspired interiors and our ethos combines a personable and expert approach with an obsession for customer service and design quality.


The Bath showroom, located at 108 Walcot Street, houses a vast collection of fabrics and products and from September 2017 will showcase a brand new look and feel. An interactive Style finder app and our own Collated Collection of furniture and lighting will also be unveiled. Here is a sneak peak of what the new showroom will look like (all images CGI’s)/ 

I am thrilled to be running the enlarged business day to day, leading a team of 4 interior designers, a project manager, a production manager and 4 curtain-makers. There’s also a team and studio in Surrey. 

Our team of experienced interior designers and project managers have worked on a vast array of Georgian and Regency period properties for a multitude of clients, services include:

 ·      Full Interior Design

·      Project Management 

·      Design Sourcing

·      Fabric sourcing (we have the largest collection of fabrics west of Chelsea!)

·      Window dressings 

·      Upholstery. 

The Bath showroom will be closed for refurbishment from the 7th August and will reopened to unveil a fresh new look on 4th September. However we are of course still open as a business, so please feel free get in touch.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


We have been using lighting supplied by Pooky lighting on interior design projects for clients of Latham Interiors for a couple of years now. They have a great selection of quirky, fun, classic and contemporary designs that are affordable and good quality.

As Pooky is a relatively new company on the lighting scene, having only launched in 2014, I decided to speak to company’s founder Rohan Blacker to find out more about the brand.

 Tell us about the brand, who founded it? And when and what was the inspiration?

I founded Pooky in 2014 and I am also one of the two founders of Sofa.com. I slid into the world of sofas somewhat by mistake and then became immersed, but my first love was always lighting – an infinite source of variety and the single most important part of creating mood and atmosphere in any home. Good lighting had become very expensive and it just didn’t need to be. By designing and sourcing direct, and stocking in some volume, Pooky set out to create a range of beautiful, decorative, classy lights, which would enhance any home and which, importantly, would not break the bank. Snappy service, approachability, friendliness lie at the heart of everything. Today there is a wide range of lighting, covering most bases, from table lamps and bedside lights to pendants, and wall lights – there is also a large and growing range of seriously stylish lampshades. This autumn a stunning range of chandeliers and mirrors will be added (yes, mirrors are an integral part of lighting!). An unstuffy, unscary, “normal” haven for great value, beautiful lighting.

Which Pooky lamps would you recommend for a Georgian or period property?

We have worked hard to source brass that looks really beautiful and buttery in a classically inspired interior such as Georgian. The Trafalgar floor lamp and its table lamp sibling are a simple, elegant design that fits in effortlessly amongst beautiful rich fabrics and period architecture. Team them with one of Pooky’s printed ikats if you want something a little bit funky. And if you fancy something stunning hanging from the ceiling then the Aquila glass pendant has a lovely retro feel to it and you can choose it in one of three sizes. Timeless.

Trafalgar floor lamp

If trying to create a classically inspired look, which of Pooky’s designs would you recommend?

We do a range of really smart, brass plinth column lights, like the Wexford and the Wellington which are standout classics and, as we keep being told, amazingly good value. Solid, well made, elegant as you like. Paired with a parchment shade or a plain dupion shade, they look really smart, very grown-up and part of the establishment.

The Wexford lamp

When creating a more contemporary interior within a Georgian property which of Pooky’s ranges would you recommend?

The resin range brings classic designs with a jolt of colour that make them stand apart. The tall Bobboli is made with a console table in mind and preferably, hangs around in pairs. And the resin floor lamps, with their use of colour and elegant design, also bring a very contemporary feel with them.

The Bobboli

What is the argument for pendant lighting versus lamps?

Well as they say, an apple without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze. As it is with pendants and lamps. Pendants help to tie zones within a room together, and allow diffused lighting or more task-oriented down-lighting, according to need. And lamps, with a beautiful shade, can be used to create gentle, warmed up and enticing spaces. Together, you have layered lighting that doesn’t shout and that creates spaces that allow for work, play and relaxation all within the same zone.

We often struggle to find classic floor lamps. You have a small range would you consider increasing the range?

Absolutely! Floor lamps are a growing part of our range and because they are a little more expensive than table lamps, our customers do take a lot of time to research them before buying and are very discerning. We know that there is a big market for modern floor lamps, but our biggest seller is a very traditional wooden lamp, the Moonshine. Value is important for us, and big brass lamps do use a lot of brass, which makes them expensive. But by combining brass and wood and other metals, we can achieve good value with some really strong design classics: The Albert for example.

The Moonshine

What’s next for lighting trends for 2017/ 2018 and do you think that they will they suit Georgian and period properties?

The trends in lighting really do depend on whether you’re looking at modern, minimalist designs, where the Scandinavians continue to dominate with their clean, stripped down designs. Or at more traditional designers like Pooky, where we think the demand for beautiful brass work, often teamed up with other materials, will continue to be popular. Great antique finishes to the brass still endure over simple polishing and this plays really well for those sourcing lighting for Georgian and period interiors. In addition, we see no let-up in the appeal of clear glass table lamps, pendants and wall lights, and when combined with the old antique brass bayonet lamp holders, we’d say things look pretty good for those who love to mix in lights that look like they may have come from two centuries back but with fabrics and colours that speak of today.

What are Pooky’s top lighting tips?

Think about what a room is for – a kitchen, for example, is a functional space so needs to be well-lit – directed spotlights, and over counter pendant lighting are the way forward.  But move to the sitting room and immediately the mood changes – lower lighting, table lamps with diffused shades, rather than overhead beams.  Be brave…. have a mix of old and new, that creates a sense of adventure and interest – don’t be scared to play with colour and to mix them in an adventurous style – people get too obsessed with following a colour scheme through a design, and things can end up somewhat one dimensional and “designed”.  You want to create a natural look that appears as though it has evolved over years.  And remember that paint colour can have a massive impact on the amount of light you need to add to a room – darker, stronger colours can eat light, so you may need many more light sources and lamps – this is where wall lights really add to the mix.  Have fun though, and don’t shy away from colour.


To view Pooky’s lighting collections head to: https://www.pooky.com/


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Monday, 22 May 2017

In conversation with Turnpost – four poster bed specialists

Bedrooms in Georgian properties are sanctuaries and places to unwind, rest and sleep.  The design of the bedstead, therefore, needs to suit the style and size of the bedroom, especially when it comes to Georgian or period properties. So, what does make the best Georgian bed?

About two years ago I came across TurnPost, specialists in bespoke four-poster beds. The company was established in 2013 with a desire to create bespoke handcrafted beds made in England.

Helmsley bed

I have been really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of their beds that I have since sourced for Latham Interiors clients.  I recently caught up with the founder of the company, Vanessa Rhodes.

Can you give us a quick overview?

At TurnPost we specialise in four-poster beds and pride ourselves on quality and individuality. We work closely with our customers and often help them to design the perfect bed for their bedroom.

Where does your inspiration come from for your bed designs?

We take inspiration for everything around us, from traditionally turned furniture to delicate architectural details. We like to add our own modern twist to create beds, which work well in both period and more contemporary properties.

York four poster bed

How do you construct your beds and what elements of the process are handmade versus automated?

All of our beds are handcrafted here in Yorkshire using FSE certified solid ash. None of the process is automated as each bed we create is often bespoke and made to a client’s exact specification. The posts are hand turned on a lathe using traditional tools and methods and are then hand finished to the customer’s requirements.

How much can you adapt your range to create bespoke elements and finishes?

We can make small changes to our standard bed designs such as lowering the posts or interchanging different headboard designs with different post styles to create a truly unique bed. We also work very closely with interior designers to create complete one of pieces, which often incorporate upholstery on the headboard and drapes around the bed itself.

What bed styles suit a Georgian property?

A four-poster bed is a perfect choice for a Georgian property as it adds all the drama and elegance of the era. You can choose to use them without drapes or to add your own style with an endless choice of fabrics and trims.

Kingston four poster bed

Which TurnPost’s designs capture traditional Georgian style and why?

Our Kingston bed has recently been used in one of Sarah’s Georgian interior design projects as its captures the quiet elegance of the Georgian era.

What tips do you have on dressing a bed?

Sometimes dressing a bed can depend on the style of bed itself or how you want your finished bedroom to feel. For a bed like the Kingston, we think it looks beautiful without any dressing as the posts do all the talking! For a simpler bed such as our York design, a cosy, woollen throw and some colourful cushions would bring more dimensions and texture to the room.

What mattresses do you advise people buy for your beds?

We have a fantastic range of mattresses, which we sell alongside our beds that are all handcrafted in England and filled with the finest natural materials. We love traditionally pocket sprung mattresses, but we also sell a range of toppers for the ultimate sleeping experience!


For more information about TurnPost go to http://turnpost.co.uk/


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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sourcing Georgian Glassware – in conversation with antiques specialist Paul Buckley

On Georgian Regency Interiors, I like to share our Georgian interior design tips and advice as well as introduce you to personalities within the industry who also have a passion for the Georgian era. Often it is the little details that really finish off the whole the look. So this week I spoke to Paul Buckley, an antiques dealer and specialist in Georgian glassware, which can be an effective, elegant display tool when placed in a glass fronted cabinet within a Georgian dining or drawing room.

How did you become an antiques dealer specializing in Georgian glassware and what types of glassware do you source? 

Having been a collector of Georgian glassware for over a decade, in 2015 I decided to trade in the corporate world to pursue my passion. I became an antiques dealer to help others discover the beauty and craftsmanship of Georgian glassware. I have built up good inventory of stock, with a strong backup supply chain to provide particular needs for Georgian glassware as they arise. I supply Wine glasses, Gin glasses, Ale glasses, Ale & Wine Rummers and also I specialise in the more sought after Airtwists and Opaque twists for top range Georgian House glassware display purposes.

Where are you based?

I have a permanent space Hemswell Antiques in Lincoln. I also do retail trade at a selection of larger antique fairs and I have a number of private and trade buyers that come to me direct.

What attracts you to Georgian Glassware?

Although some of the glass forms were hand made as long ago as 250 and 300 years ago, the variations allow you to spot the history of each piece, which I find really fascinating.

Every glass is unique in their own nature being handmade, albeit made to certain rules for different forms. Within each piece you can see where the glass maker has left his mark be it in bowl striations, as he takes a breath, or tool marking where he has used his tweezers to create a bowl shape. Or even the movement where the glass can be slightly uneven at one point or another.

Tell me more about the different types of Georgian glassware you work with: 

Georgian glasswareWorking from left to right, this shows: – A drawn trumpet multi-spiral airtwist wine glass, with a conical bowl and folded foot, circa 1750.

A bucket bowl opaque twist wine glass, with a rare single series pair of opaque gauze twists, circa 1760.

A nut moulded large Ogee bowl wine glass, with a double opaque strand twist, surrounded by two 12 ply tapes, circa 1760.


Georgian glassware

A matching set of six Bristol Blue large conical bowl rummers, on blade knop stems and double capstan shoulders, circa 1825.






Georgian glasswareLeft to right: Engraved bucket bowl port or wine glass, engraved with bows and swags, with a ball knop stem, c.1750.

Fern engraved conical bowl wineglass on light stem with ball knops/folded foot, c.1740.

Engraved bucket bowl port or wine glass engraved with bows and swags, with a blade knop stem and folded foot, c.1750.


Left to right, a group of three early Liege wine glasses
A strawberry & rib moulded bowl on an air tear stem, with a conical folded foot, c 1720.

A nut moulded bowl on a wrythen knopped stem, with a conical folded foot, c 1720.

A honeycomb moulded bowl on an air tear stem, with a conical folded foot, c 1720.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Creating interiors for bedrooms in a Georgian house

This week on Georgian Regency Interiors, I want to share my insider tips on Georgian bedroom interior design.

Bedrooms are very personal spaces and most importantly a place of rest away from the stresses of work. The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and Georgian bedrooms tend to be housed in a large space with high ceilings, allowing you the opportunity to have a showstopper and use Georgian bedroom interior design to help that.

Georgian bedroom interior design with And So to BedImage:AndSoToBed

And So To Bed have a fantastic range of classic beds of the highest quality that work very well with Georgian bedroom interior design. We love their Louis XV upholstered bed which gives us the classic style whilst allowing us to choose the upholstery fabric that best goes with the overall bedroom design.  They also have a great selection of bedroom furniture including dressing tables, bedside tables and wardrobes which fit really well into Georgian bedroom interior design.

Turnpost Georgian bedroom interior designImage: Turnpost.co.uk

Turnpost.co.uk do a fantastic twist on a classic four-poster design with their Helmsley Bed. We also use a wonderful company called The Four Poster Bed Company who make bespoke Latham Interiors designs. Other pieces of furniture that work well within a period home include a freestanding armoire wardrobe, a dressing table and a chest of drawers, we recommend Oficina Inglesa who make to order from their catalogue or we can create a tailor-made product for Georgian bedroom interior design.

Image: Latham Interiors Georgian Townhouse Project
Image: Latham Interior’s Show Flat

To dress iconic Georgian sash windows, classic curtains with a luxurious feel look wonderful when made using an embroidered silk fabric with a triple pinch pleat heading giving them maximum fullness. You can either have a simple padded pelmet or a large wooden pole with an elegant finial. Finish with tie backs to ensure you can let in maximum light during the day as well as creating that swept back shape. At Latham Interiors, brands that I recommend best for Georgian bedroom interior design are GP&J Baker, Colefax & Fowler or Zoffany.  For those that like to sleep in total darkness install shutters (if there aren’t any already) as well as interlined black-out curtains.

With large walls to fill, wallpaper adds interest and can also evoke a bygone era. Use Toile de Jouy for a very traditional feel or a Chinoiserie style for something that will really lift the feel of a room, De Gournay have a wonderful selection.

DeGournay for Georgian bedroom interior designImage: De Gournay

In a bedroom it is best to have soft lighting that is restful and creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.  We would advise a central pendant rather than recessed spot lights, then layer with wall or bedside table lights or wall lights and reading lights for clients who like their books. Make sure all lights are dimmable to be able to create a soft and even romantic ambience. At Latham Interiors we love chandeliers and wall lights from Brabin & Fitz and Villaverde.

Images: Pooky

Pooky have some lovely wooden lamps in interesting colours for a twist on the traditional and Heathfield & Co have some more modern options. Make sure you can switch them all off at the wall when you get into bed. Beautiful brass luxury switches and sockets with USB chargers add to the whole look rather than distracting from it, we work with one of the UK’s leading suppliers Wandworth, whose electrical accessories can also be found in Kensington Palace and Kit Kemp’s Ham Yard Hotel.








Images: Heathfield & Co

One of my top tips for lighting in Georgian bedroom interior design is to have bedside and table lamps on a 5amp circuit so you can switch them all off by the door as you leave. Think about incorporating light switches (and sockets with USB chargers built in) by the bed too so that you can switch different lights on and off from the comfort of your bed. Once you’ve experienced this you will never want to go back to flailing around for the switch along the flex on your bedside lamp or having to hop out of your warm bed to switch the main light off.

Image: Wandworth Electrical at Ham Yard Hotel

With Georgian bedroom interior design wooden floors with a large scale rug creates a timeles look whilst also ensuring a warm experience underfoot. We use West Sussex Antique Flooring Company for an authentic and beautifully finished floor and Cheville Parquet whose floors come pre-finished in 4 chevron planks and just require clicking together. For rugs we use a variety of sources but have always found that Rugmart.co.uk can source great options.

Image: West Sussex Antique Flooring Company

Accessories are key to bringing the whole look together, cushions and throws make a bed look inviting and sumptuous, they are also practical. We tend to get most of ours made bespoke for clients, however you can get a superb range at all major high street and luxury interiors brands such as Oka and Amara.com, Designers Guild, LuxDeco.com and Josephine Home.  If space allows have a storage ottoman at the bottom of the bed to put them in when they are not required.








Image: OKA

If you are designing a guest Georgian bedroom you can be more adventurous than you might be with your own, as guests don’t have to live with the décor day in day out. Fabric and wallpaper brands such as GP&J Baker, Colefax and Fowler and Cole & Son will give you plenty of options for fabric and wallpapers. Upholstered headboards create the feeling that you are in a luxury hotel room and as most guests stay for just 1-2 nights and don’t get around to unpacking, provide them with a luggage rack so that they can comfortably live out of a suitcase.



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